Linda McCulloch

Linda McCulloch


Tena Koutou, Tena Tatou.

I extend AROHA to us all.

A is for Active: I have been an active member of the Hapu since the early 90’s. I have an overview of many activities that the Hapu and Trust have undertaking during this time.

R is for Resilience: As a trustee it is my role to ensure the mana of the whenua is upheld. Notably our history has not being without controversy and this has played out in a number of forums, within the last 30 years I have seen this come as a political cost to the Hapu and a personal cost to many of our whanau, majority of whom are no longer with us.

O is for Opportunity: As a trustee it is my role to act prudently. the assets the trust manage, provides the platform to realise Hapu Aspirations.

H is for Hindsight: As a trustee I remain vigilant. There have been many poignant and pertinent experiences that we have all been affected by, I am mindful of the impact these have had on us all. My intention is that we do not experience this again.

A is for Ambitious:  As a trustee I am responsible to act within the terms of the Trust Deed. The intent of the Trust is to enhance the wellbeing of us all. I remain hopeful that our whanau will have a Marae and that our mokopuna will not have to fight for their birth right.

Nga mihi